Monday, August 10, 2015

While Out Riding

A collection of photos from the past month or so of riding. It's a good deal fun for me to get a mix in so I rode the fat bike, Cross-Check, El-Mariachi, 29 nSNGL, and I even got out on the road bike a few times. All fun, and all different. The weather here has been phenomenal and the riding has been even better.

I met a very kind man about a week ago while on a ride over by Coon Rapids Dam. I recognized me from the blog and we had a very nice conversation. So, if you are reading this John, thank you for the brief conversation and taking an interest in my blog. Hopefully we can hook up again for a nice leisurely ride.

This past weekend offered up a couple of nice rides, but haven't uploaded the photos yet. I'm also planning on posting some photos from our trip to Europe.

 Reverend Bob and his congregation. "Sunday Morning Sermon"

"Dirt and Fashion"

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Helen said...

Awesome shots as always. Must have been a nasty stack. Looking forward to Europe pics.