Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Well, I haven't been able to ride much the past two weeks. Hoping to get out for an easy ride tomorrow. In the meantime I'm posting some random shots from the past month...Hope you enjoy :)
"Blue Mood" Lake Superior

 "Into The Light" Superior Hiking Trail

 "Cross River"
 "Beaver River"

 "Water and Rock" St. Louis River

 "Summer Delight"

"Morning Ride"

"Super Moon"

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Grind

Well, I finally got out to ride some of the Twin Cities local gravel. This post was originally intended to be a two part post. The second part was going to cover my planned ride in the Rochester area this past Saturday. However, my body had other plans....

After Thursdays gravel grind West of the cities I developed a pain in my back on the left side. Turns out to be a kidney stone and I have been in and out of unbelievable pain since going to the emergency room at St. Mary's in Rochester.

So, I guess it makes sense that someone who loves riding gravel ends up getting a kidney stone.

Hope you enjoy the photo set and hopefully the doctors can remedy this kidney stone without me having to ride it out until it passes. Right now its been four days and the last three have been nearly completely without food of any kind due to some issues with medications.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Northern Gravel-Adventure by Bike

"...true adventure starts with a curiosity and a bit of creativity. Armed with both, you don't have to look much farther than your own backyard for the next great escape."  Words to live by   ~Kid

After returning home for a few days I once again found myself heading north. This time to my hometown of Chisholm, MN on the Iron Range. My purpose was two fold...help our Mother with some things around the house, and when I could, sneak away for some backyard adventure on my bike.

I love the area just north of my hometown. As a youth we spent hours and burned many tanks of gas cruising these gravel byways. The forests are dotted with hunting camps and there are literally hundreds of miles of gravel forest roads, old logging roads, and four wheeler trails. Through in the Taconite Trail and you have an entire summer's worth of riding opportunities.

 "Finding Solitude"

It seems as if I'm always looking for some peace and solitude and this is a great place to find it. In two afternoons and nearly 80 miles of riding I rarely came across another soul. It was only was only the occasional local taking a shortcut from one place to another. Never, have I encountered another person traveling by bike. My hope is that it will remain that way.

In recent months I've somewhat forsaken my digital cameras and have primarily been using the camera on my iPhone. Since that is really the only practical use for it in this area. My provider's coverage is virtually non-existent, but does get better with time. However, there are still gaping holes and if I had an emergency I would be hard pressed to get help. With that being said, the camera comes in rather handy and I've been having a good deal of fun with trying different photo apps.

You can't be too careful out here when you are all alone. Riding through puddles is not recommended because you have no idea how deep they actually are or what they may be hiding. I was very lucky here to not have gone flying over the handlebars or taco the front wheel.

There is always much to see and countless places to go. It's very easy for a person to string together routes approaching 100 miles or longer that are comprised of 80-90% gravel.

 How could you not like riding through these forests??

 "Cornus Canadensis-Bunch Berries"

 "Aquilegia Canadensis-Wild Columbine"

I'm already looking forward to the next trip north and more of these little adventures by bike.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Spending time near Lake Superior is always good for my soul. No matter what it is good relaxing medicine and the only side effect is that you want more. I spent a good deal of time just reading, relaxing, and going out to take photos. I'm hoping you'll enjoy some of the images I was able to capture.

Everyone was talking about the full moon that was to occur on Friday the 13th so I was hoping for clear enough weather to try and photograph the event. Nighttime photography is still something that I'm working on so I wasn't sure what kind of images I would be able to capture.

 "Strawberry Moon"

 "Blue Fin Dinner"

Day 2 - Onion River and Cascade River
 "Onion River"

 "Cascade River"


Day 3 - Temperance River
 "Upper Temperance River"

I captured the image below right as a large storm was moving into the area. It had been raining off and on all morning and I was shooting photos during the lulls. Shortly after this photo and several others the sky quickly darkened and it began to rain quite heavily. I was able to get my camera into a waterproof bag before it got too wet. I slung my large aluminum Bogen tripod over my shoulder and made hasty retreat back to the car. Upon entering the woods on a narrow wet trail. I could sense something was amiss, then, without warning a huge flash of light lit up the forest around me and it was immediately followed by a deafening clap of thunder. Too close for comfort!!

"Before the Lightning"
 "The Moods of Superior"

 "Angry Trout"


Day 4 - Temperance River
 "Temperance River"

 "Feeling Spiritual"

 "Cedar and Sunshine"

Day 5 - Final Morning
 "Dawn on Superior"

 "Morning Moon"

 "Iona Beach"

 "Beaver River"