Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fatbike Frozen 40

 I had the opportunity to shoot some photos at the Frozen 40 yesterday. It was a windy and cold day, but the racing and course conditions were phenomenal.

 "-30(F) Windchills, Sunshine, and a Fast Course"

These folks are awesome and Brad, Ben, C.j., and all the others did a marvelous job putting on a great event. Word has gotten out that this race rocks and each year it grows.

 "Fatbike Pace Line"

 Griz, tearing it up!

 Bob, riding strong as always.

 "Standard Fat"

 "Heat Amidst the Cold"



 "Fatbike Beauty"

 Lance...'No, not that one!"

 "The Irishman"
Two Down, Two to Go


This past winter has been an odd one indeed and it seems that the Twin Cities area has been left out of the precipitation patterns most of the winter. We've had our share of cold, but "Mother Nature" has
stiffed us as far as snowfall goes.

It hasn't been unusual to see -15(F) to 40(F) in the same week. We get a dash of snow and then it melts, then it gets down to subzero temps, then a heat wave, and more snow, then more cold.

I have come to the conclusion that I am ready for Spring to arrive. It should come somewhat early this year given the lack of flakes on the ground.

 "Snow Free Snowmobile Trails"
 "Skier Free Trails"

 "Unfrozen Elm Creek"
 "Icy Trails"


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Off Trail...

With the warm above freezing temps I've been somewhat ambivalent to ride the single track trails. So, I've decided to mix it up some and hit the local lakes and marsh areas. It's been a fun two days of riding and exploring off trail.

 "Riding the Maze"
Medicine Lake is one of our larger and popular local lakes. On any given weekend the lake is full of folks enjoying ice fishing, kiting, walking, running, and of on the Pugsley.


The lake has plenty of interesting marsh and wetland areas that a person on xc skis, snowshoes, or fat bike can explore.

However, you have to be careful especially with the warm weather we've been having.


 "Sunday Sunrise"


With the lack of snow for insulation and plenty of cold weather the ice is very safe. Even with the warmer temps we've been having I haven't encountered any really "unsafe" conditions.

I really enjoy riding the single track, but I also enjoy getting off trail and exploring other options. Having a fat bike and good conditions makes the list of possibilities seem endless.

"The Peninsula"

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mixing it Up-First Rides of 2015

With the recent snow and sub-zero temps the riding conditions at Elm Creek Park Reserve have been "primo". The snow has had good grip and the trail has been in immaculate condition thanks to the hard work of the local "Grooming Gods". So far I have really enjoyed this first eleven days of 2015.

I've also received some really good news from my cardiologist. My heart procedure seems to be holding and the recovery period has passed. Therefore he has decided to take me off of my medication to see how my heart functions without the cardiac rhythm meds. Good news as I should begin to gradually get my stamina back. 

First Ride of 2015...


 "Happy New Year"

Hitting The Frozen Lakes...

With temps in the teens below zero and windchills in the -30(F) to -40(F) the powers that be decided it would be a good idea to call school. That of course meant that part of my day could be spent outside on the bike embracing the winter cold. So, I figured with safe ice and firm snow it was a good time to check out the area lakes. It's always a nice change of pace and it fun to ride around the lakes and explore all the little nooks, crannies, and back waters.


Multi-purpose Trails...

Yesterday and Today I spent some time riding the multipurpose trails at EC. It's fun to mingle with the xc skiers in place where they don't give you nasty looks. I also love to see the skijorners out with their dogs. Like the lakes it's a nice change of scenery to get away from the single track from time to time. It's good for the soul to experience as many different kinds of riding as possible.