Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Good Day-Heading in the Right Direction

I logged another good workout today. Went to Sunday spin at the club. We did a lot of hills and I love hills. I did a good job at keeping it under control and not letting my heart rate get up into zone 4 for too long. I'll probably continue to do this until I'm feeling comfortable that my heart won't go into a fib if I push it to the max. My max hr for the day was 151 and my average was 133. I'm comfortable with that for time being. I'm still burning a good amount of calories even if I am keeping these workouts on the light, but long side. Long enough for me anyway. I must admit that I did miss going to Matt's class in Chanhassen. It just seems like a long way to go when I have a 5 minute drive to the club here in MG. Actually, I would love to ride to the club here, but I'm paranoid about leaving my bike outside in the rack. If some ass can walk of with Kenny's size "13" running shoes, anything is possible.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out today and I would have loved to have gone out on the fixed gear. Unfortunately, the illness I've had caused me to miss some days at school and I'm way behind on my paperwork. So, I spent much of the afternoon correcting and grading papers.

Tomorrow is still up in the air as to whether I go to the club (asses and elbows) for "Cool Don's" class or take the fixed gear for it's first night ride to try out the lighting. We'll wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention Madonna. She's vanished! Has anyone seen her? Word has it that she may have been to a party Friday night and was probably overindulging on the spirits.
Anyway, I hope to see her soon and I also hope she is feeling OK.

On the health front...
After a great deal of thinking I've decided to not wear the event monitor the cardiologist gave me. I will wear during workouts, but it's just too damn annoying to wear all day long. I've had to shave my chest and my skin is becoming raw where the sticky electrodes attach. The only time I have experienced the A-Fib is during exercise. Patti supports me on this. I've also started taking aspirin on a daily basis to avoid clotting, but I have not taken the beta blocker (Atenolol) they prescribed. If I have any more episodes I will strongly consider it, but at this point I really don't see any point to it.

Total Ride Time: 2 hrs 16 minutes Total Calories Burned: 1,132

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