Monday, January 14, 2008

The Dreaded Winter Weight Gain

I shared a site today with some of my cycling friends. It calculates your calories burned per hour along with your average watts. Very cool and actually pretty accurate according to Bob.
However, I could tell that Kenny was not impressed. His comment was as follows...
"HUH? I didn't go to college. I don't understand! I recognize the terms but not their relavence. It came out that I burned 13 calories per hour! My HR monitor must be wrong." Ahhh! Classic Kenny.
Bob and I talked about calories burned over a certain period of time and of course food intake.
I know that on days I ride really hard or those days where I run and then ride, when I get to work I eat everything in sight. Bob said that in the winter every meal is like his last. I wanted to tell him not to worry. When he gets on his bike this spring he won't look like this guy. Calories and Power Calculator


Kenny said...

Boy, you keep picking on me and I';; make you buy the first two rounds on Wed!

Madonna said...

I think I saw that guy last year at the Ironman. :)

grasshopper said...

that is friggin Hilarious! madonna I hear that guy is single he is no Boonen but he is a lot to love!