Friday, January 25, 2008


I think my virus has actually subsided, thirty-three days later and I am finally feeling better. As far as the heart goes, that's an unanswered question as of yet. Not having worked out in a week tomorrow will be my first big test. My plan is to get to the club and on the bike early. I want to see how I feel before class actually starts. I'm a bit ambivalent about wearing my monitor from the hospital, but I know I need to. I'm also probably going to be a bit embarrassed to show my cleanly shaved chest. Hey, I'm a wimp when it comes to that sticky stuff and body hair. It hurt like hell the first time I had to change my electrode pads. So, since I have to do it on a daily basis, I just cleaned my chest up nicely. Now the process is pain free. I'm not sure how long I will try to ride, but I would like to do the full 2+ hours. My single speed is sitting in the basement beckoning to be ridden, so I'm hoping that may take place tomorrow afternoon.

It was tough going back to work and having to tell the same story over and over about what has happened over the past ten days. I appreciated everyone's concern and kind thoughts. The kids were great. Many hugs, cards, letters, and cute pictures. The worst part of the whole deal was realizing how far behind I had fallen and trying not to stress over it has been difficult. When I left school my bag was full of papers that need to be graded. I guess I know how the rest of my weekend will be spent.

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