Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Visit Home

I drove up to the Iron Range from the Twin Cities on Friday. Awoke at 4 a.m. and went to the health club for a two hour spin with Matt. I had been sick for about a week and half and finally was feeling good enough to make the trip north to visit my folks. My mother turns 85 tomorrow and my father will be 84 on Jan. 17th. God Bless them both.
We got the family together for a little dinner this evening. Great food and conversation.
Last night, my brother and I went to the local pub "Tom & Jerry's. Met many old friends, told and listened to many good stories, stayed way too long, and drank way too much beer.

I've spent this evening working on setting the blog up and giving serious thought to the upcoming cycling season. I've decided to convert the old mountain bike over to a fixed gear machine and start doing some serious winter riding. My other mtn. bike is good to go for another season. I'm also going to make some major changes to my two road bikes that are sitting in the basement. New wheels and SRAM components for the red Specialized and new stuff for the old black Specialized.
Spinning classes are going well and help a great deal in maintaining my fitness level, but I need to get outside. Runs have been going well, but due to illness I've missed too many days in the last two weeks. I was spinning 4 times a week and usually managed to get in 3-4 runs. My focus now will be to do more strength training (plyometrics), work on flexibility, and also core strength.

I'm looking forward to school starting and seeing my colleagues and students.

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Kenny said...

Where are you doing plyometrics, and, where did you learn that word?? Nice blog, Amigo, can't wait to ride with you again this summer on your updated steeds. What, am I the only guy that still thinks gears are necessary on mtn bikes? Maybe you'll come to your senses when you turn 50!