Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Slobbered on My Bike & Pimp My Ride

I have to start this off by saying how sorry I am that Bob was unable to compete in the Birkie this year due to an illness. Apparently he came down with the flu bug at the beginning of the week and it really kicked his ass. Usually Bob is doing this to everyone else. I know how much training he put in this winter and according to all accounts he was skiing phenomenally well. I ran into him and his wife at the club and could tell he was feeling quite down. What do you say to someone who has put their heart and soul into something for months and then at the last minute they come down with an illness. It really sucks! He'll be back kicking everyone's ass in no time at all and I'm thankful for that.

I was able to get some quality workouts in this weekend. Matt's class on Friday was good, as usual. Hills with some challenging cadence. I made the best of it and pushed my self really hard.
Saturday's 2 hrs. with Jody was exactly what we all come to expect. Crazy intensity! A lot of speed work. I really pushed it and actually slobbered on my bike at one point during the workout. Yuck! I was feeling a bit tired the rest of the day.
I did sneak over to REI to purchase some nutritional supplements. Gels, bars, etc. and during this excursion came across an electrolyte replacement that I had seen mentioned by Geoff Roes, an endurance athlete from Juneau, Alaska. The company is NUUN and their active hydration product is great. I tried the citrus fruit today and loved it. I'm definitely going to be purchasing more of this product for my summer hydration needs.
Today was running and Sunday class with Don. Again, some very intense speed work.
I packed my cycling stuff into my ultra-light backpack and ran to the club, then ran back home afterwards. This week I added a bit of distance to the running part.

The most exciting thing about the weekend is happening this afternoon. I'm bringing the red Specialized road bike to Maple Grove Cycle and having Travis rebuild it. New wheels (Shimano Ultegra) and all new SRAM Rival components. It should be a very sweet ride when it's completed and ready to roll. Can you
say, "Pimp My Ride"

Weekend Numbers...
Total Ride Time: 1 hr. 45 minutes
Total Calories Burned: 986
Total Ride Time: 3 hrs. Total Calories Burned: 1,734
Total Ride Time: 1 hr. 40 minutes Total Calories Burned: 948
Total Run Time: 48 minutes Total Calories Burned: 491


Doug said...

I use Nuun and really like it. It was hard to find an electrolyte replacement drink that was gluten free. Nuun is! I used it during the AH135. Good stuff.

Vito said...

Thanks for the feedback Doug.