Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2008 Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival

I AM IN!!!!!!! My main purpose for riding has been established. My first thought was, "My sole purpose to ride", but that wouldn't be correct or honest. I love riding a bike just to ride a bike. The pace lines, hard miles, average speed are all fun, not to mention the camaraderie, but I've come to realize recently that I love to ride just to ride. If it's a 21 mph pace, great. If not, who cares as long as you're riding.

I have one goal in mind and that is to ride my ass off at Chequamegon and shave serious minutes off my maiden voyage from last year. Plus, I get to race in the 50+ division. That's very cool!

Everything else is non-consequential at this point. They are considered workouts, nothing else. I don't care about how many road miles, century rides, etc. I do. Even though I need to get the miles in. I want to spend as much time on my mtn. bike as possible. I'll do road rides for endurance, speed, fun, etc., but I want to be on that damn mountain bike.

I am so freaking excited right now it's hard to describe. Matt and Kenny are also in, but it appears that Bob's check hasn't cleared yet. I hope like hell that he gets in. It will be upsetting if he doesn't and has to go through the essay process. I'm sure, however, that the Amigos will all intervene and help him come up with the best essay possible. Maybe something along the lines of a Dr. Suess tale again. It's worked in the past.


grasshopper said...

training! that goes against the kenny theory we have used for so many years, and yes beer is protein

the old bag said...

congrats! It's always great to have something to work toward.

Madonna said...

Congrats!! Now your question about if you should put $$ into your mtb is now answered. I'll be there on there on the sidelines with the beer!