Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring: Day Three, More Snow, Great Ride, Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Well, the third day of spring is upon us and more snow. Fair Weather Kenny is not the happiest Amigo on this day. He wants dry pavement! As do many us, but I am not giving in. I actually had a nice ride this morning.

The trails through Eagle Lake Regional Park

I awoke feeling much better and nearly fully recovered from the intestinal bug I came up with early Saturday morning. It wasn't pretty. I spent a good deal of the night after 1:30 AM groveling on the bathroom floor worshiping the porcelain god. I have to say that the whole heart thing and the atrial fibrillation was a more pleasant experience. More frightening, but not as uncomfortable. I also have to admit that I am an incredible wimp when it comes to getting any flu like bug. Of course upon waking this morning I looked out the window to find nothing but more white. My remedy...go for a ride. Why not? It's Easter, we had no plans until 1:30 in the afternoon, and I wasn't planning on going to church. I've always believed that one of the best ways to honor and praise God is to thoroughly enjoy all the beauty around us he created. I often told the pastor at my ex-wife's church that some people celebrate and worship in the House of the Lord and I celebrate and worship in his back yard. Also, I don't like going to mass when all the other guilty Catholics show up for first mass of the year. The second will be Christmas. I also believe that it's more about how you live your life and not whether or not you go to church every Sunday or religious holiday. I'm sure I'm damned to go to hell for that comment. Now that I've broken one of my rules for this blog (no religion or politics) I'll continue on with my day.

French Regional Park

After making coffee, having some wonderful Trader Joe's blueberry oatmeal, and reading the paper and Jill's blog I started putting on the layers to venture out. My favorite article of cycling and running clothing this winter has been my Pearl Izumi Amphib tights. They are wonderfully warm and do a great job blocking the wind. I still have issues with my feet and will have to take of that before next winter. Once again I headed south around Eagle Lake and through Eagle Lake Regional Park. The trails really sucked, but it was a great challenge to keep the bike going and stay upright. Plus the scenery was absolutely beautiful. After making it through the park and road city streets (very slushy, but the riding was smooth) towards French Regional Park.
Again the scenery there was fantastic. I then headed back north towards home. I new the rest of the trails around Medicine Lake would be in bad shape and I really didn't feel like riding for four hours since I needed to get home in time to prepare for Easter brunch at Bonfire Grill.

After returning home I shoveled the driveway, patio, and deck for the third time in three days. We have a glacier forming in back around our patio so I also spent a good deal of time chipping ice off the patio. I need to figure out a better drainage system for spring thaw water. Patti asked me how the ride was and I told her that I had a blast. I had to be honest because I really did enjoy it. Sorry Kenny.

The summer rides still serve a useful purpose in the winter. They are great for drying out gear.

Brunch was great. We got together with Patti's family, at least the ones who were around. You know, I have to admit that I am not a big brunch person. Piles of food, much of which will be thrown out at the end of the day. (What a waste) Also, there is not much there to eat that is truly healthy. Oh, you have your veggies and salads and such, but who the hell pays $29 to eat veggies and salad. I ate what I could and spent the rest of my time watching everyone else gorge themselves with all the various potatoes, pastas, meats, fish, shrimp, lobster, cakes, pies, etc.
I didn't eat that much and I still will not eat dinner tonight and I know I'll eat light tomorrow also. It's only fair for me to say that the food I did eat was delicious and It was quite obvious that everyone else enjoyed it also.


Doug said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only person alive that can enjoy snow in March.

I've been enjoying your posts!

Vito said...

Thanks Doug. I must admit however that I'm hoping for more spring like weather. Maybe this coming week????

Bob said...

It is tough to sit and watch others pig out at holidays and parties knowing you can't induldge. Well, you can, but you pay later. My health is more important than being looked at as anti-social. I hate having to explain that I am diabetic and can't eat all the holiday garbage.