Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Would We Do Without Weekends?

Thank God for weekends is all I can say. They give us the chance to unwind, relax, catch up on sleep, and workout like crazy. Last week my training was in the crapper. This evening I'm feeling much better and somewhat rejuvenated. Work has been far too stressful as of late and last week was not a very good week. I got far too little sleep. Tuesday was a wash for sleep as was Thursday night. I was able to get in a good ride Friday morning, but by Friday afternoon I was literally wiped out.
Saturday was a kick ass crazy workout that made me dizzy a couple of times. I was able to get in 3 solid hours of good hard riding (spinning). Nearly two hours of it climbing and tempo. I felt very good, but was tired the rest of the day.
This morning I went to Matt's class in Chanhassen. Another two good hours of spinning with 90 minutes of aerobic threshold and very little time to recover. My heart rate profile looked very good the entire weekend. Lately it seems my issues with my heart rate occur at night, especially when I'm unable to sleep. This leads to believe more and more that the problems I've been having may be linked to my thyroid. I'm scheduling another blood test this week which hopefully will provide me with some answers.
Of course in the meantime Matt continues with the Beta-Blocker wise cracks.
I'm hoping that I will get a couple of good runs in this week, and I'm also anxiously awaiting news on my bike. Travis works tomorrow so maybe I will be able to pick it up tomorrow evening.

Weekend Numbers:
Total Ride Time: 2 hrs.
Total Calories Burned: 1060
Total Ride Time: 3 hrs.
Total Calories Burned: 1734
Total Ride Time: 2 hrs.
Total Calories Burned: 1157

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