Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy 50th

Well, I guess it's official. I'm fifty years old today. We had a relaxing and quiet weekend because I guess that's what old people do. Actually, I'm pretty damn lucky. Thinking back to when I was twenty I'm actually in better shape today then I was in 1978.

I got a three hour spin in on Saturday morning and then did some shopping afterwards. Bicycle shopping that is. Purchased a new Rock Shox SID suspension fork for the old Stumpjumper and (if the price is right) I may be getting some new Bontrager Race Lite wheels for the old girl as well. My purchases also included some Ergon GP1 ergonomic grips. I have issues with pain and numbness in my hands and fingers when riding the mountain bike. I thought these may help out with that problem.

After shopping for cycling stuff I decided that since I was turning fifty years of age it was time to do something young. So I went to a small accessory shop here in Maple Grove and had my ear pierced. Patti is now ready to lock me up out of fear I may do something really stupid like go out and get a tattoo. This of course is something that every mountain biker should have. I told her not to fear. The pierced ear was enough for now. The best news is, now that I am fifty I can register for AARP. I did receive a temporary card in the mail along with a registration form. Now I "officially" qualify for all those discounts. Anyone for breakfast at Perkins?

We did dinner out for my birthday. Patti made reservations at Bacio. We had a wonderful Italian dinner along with some great wine. On the way home we stopped at Bonfire to say hi to Scott who was behind the bar. Arrived home early, as do most old people, and watched a bit of TV before retiring to bed. Yesterday I treated myself by staying in bed late, taking Bella for a long walk, and taking the day off from any serious physical activity. Wait, I did have a couple of very cold IPA's.

Today, my birthday, I go back to work. WTH is wrong with me? I should be taking the day off and getting in a 6o miler.


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Happy Birthday old man! I shouldn't talk, I'm only 5 years behind you and the years just keep going by faster.