Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Simplicity

What started out being a quick trip around Eagle Lake and then a 45 minute run, turned out to be a 2 hr. and 15 minute bike tour around Maple Grove and Plymouth. That seems to happen when I get on the single speed and start riding. I just love the simplicity of riding the single speed. No gears, one speed does it all. No shifting, just straight forward motion with each peddle stroke. What is not to love about that?

My ride took me around Eagle Lake, down to Medicine Lake and French Regional Park. It was a very mellow and casual ride. Quite enjoyable. The trails were much quieter than I had anticipated, especially around the lakes.

Our trees and the lilacs are in full bloom along with my allergies.
The grass is growing like crazy and needs to be cut again. Patti is itching to get some flowers (expensive rabbit food) planted. I prefer the look of ornamental grass along with the simplicity of caring for it. We are on our way to Lowe's to see what is available.
I see a good deal of our disposable income disappearing this afternoon. This whole living in the suburbs thing is beginning to wear on me. Patti is right. I would be happy living in a one room cabin on North Shore.

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