Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We traveled north to visit my Mother and Father for Father's Day. Also, we were celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary. Patti and I took my parents out for an Italian Dinner at Valentini's Supper Club. The dinner was great, but the company far better.
My parents will be celebrating their sixty-third year of marriage in October. Now that's amazing!
After bringing Mom and Dad home and visiting for a bit, we went to Tom & Jerry's to visit "Black" my brother Mike and to listen to some music.The music was provided by "The Mighty Bohunks". They play a mix of blues and what they refer to as greazy classic rock. Their sets included music from groups like The James Gang, Blind Faith, CCR, Stones, Grand Funk Railroad, and many others. The music was great! I grew up with two of the band members. Ronnie "Coconut" and Victor Kylochko (thus the name Mighty Bohunks). It was great to talk old times with them between sets.
My brother had spent the day cooking and feeding some 200+ cyclists. "Harley" riding cyclists. T & J's was hosting the annual Ride the Range Motorcycle Tour for the United Way. We saw some awesome bikes, but unfortunately I did not have my camera at the time. It was pretty cool to see two hundred cycles heading out of town all at once. Also, very loud.
Little Black (me) & Black

Patti and my Mom do not like the soul patch. However, I do. My Mother told Patti she should shave it off some night while I'm sleeping. I thought she loved her son Billy.
Patti and "Black"

We brought our bikes up to do some riding and never touched them all weekend. We were too busy visiting and I had to help out my folks around the house. My father tries doing what he can, but the fact that his eyes are failing him make much of the work too difficult. He didn't run any flowers over with the lawnmower, which was a good thing.

My left knee has become a major concern, so I guess time off the bike is probably a good thing. However, it SUCKS! I'm not sure how much riding I will do this week. Whatever I do it will have to be easy until my knee gets better.

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Judi said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll check out yours too. Hope your knee gets better!