Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meanderings of My Mind

My head is in overdrive this morning. I think I actually may have had too much sleep last night.
Bella and I had a great walk this morning. Last night I received a very nice email from my friend and colleague Andrea. She is out in Idaho for several weeks watching a friends house and horses. It sounded very peaceful and relaxing. I'm jealous...I love the open spaces "The West" has to offer. From open fields, to foothills, to mountains. I need to get out there again soon. It will soon be ten years since my last mountain climbing trip in Wyoming. Gotta get out there again sometime soon. Not to climb, but to ride. Anyway, it sounds like Drea is getting the rest she so deserves and I'm looking forward to seeing her when she returns. We can do some biking : )

I'm hoping my knee will get better. It felt pretty good this morning, but I still have concerns. I was hoping to get some ultra-sound today, but John is out of the office. I'll ride to the club and do some conditioning and flexibility work there. Than ride to the book store.

I'm finishing the first full week of vacation from school and I'm already thinking about September. We have six units of inquiry that we teach and I want to hit the book store to look for picture books to go with some of the units. I love picture books! Must be the teacher in me.

Then of course there are bikes...What good are they if they can't be ridden? (knee) When does a person have too many bikes? Is five really too many? Can you even have too many bikes? Still not sure what to do with my old Specialized road bike. It's shiny, black, and still a good ride. Surley, Surley, Surley, keeps ringing in my head. A Cross Check frame is affordable and I could transfer components or go single. Hmmmmm, it's a thought. I still want to make modification to my old Hardrock ss. New wheels, and rigid fork. (should of got a summer job) My grade level chairperson check and Q Comp check are basically spent. Not to mention the $$$ from Read 180. What the hell am I doing?

Wait...I have a summer job. It's called a home. WTF were we thinking when we bought this place. It's beautiful! Great yard, beautiful flowers and deck, great neighborhood, (even if it is the burbs...I hate the burbs) excellent location. We purchased when the market was at its peak ($$$$$) I was worried that if we didn't buy when we did, prices would just keep going up. Who the hell knew what would happen and could someone please explain to me why the price of homes is so much in Minnesota? Anyway, now I have plenty to keep me busy. Painting and yard work, etc. Who could ask for more. Shit, I even went out and bought drapes yesterday. I vacuum, and dust, and clean the wood floors. Very domesticated if you ask me.

Went to my niece Talia's softball game last night rather than do the group ride. She is so sweet. Hate to say it, but her team needs some work.

I'm also thinking of doing a "Photo of the Day" for my blog. We'll see. Also, deleted my training log, since that was a disaster. I fell totally behind.

Hoop earring...maybe tomorrow.

Thinking also that 5o sucks. I don't care what people tell me... Oh, you look great, blah, blah, blah...I'm falling apart.

Gotta go! Health club, book store, and more painting. Feel the joy!


Judi said...

Never too many bikes. My b/f builds them. He has multiple frames and parts scattered everywhere. He always has a project going on.

Vito said...

Well now, thank you Judi. That gives me some comfort. All I have to do is figure out how to explain it to my wife. Yikes!

b/f? I like that. It has a uniqueness to it.