Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Favorite Wrench

All cyclists have a favorite wrench. For many of us it's Travis at Maple Grove Cycle. He's humorous, intelligent, innovative, and just damn good. The Amigos say he's one of the best. The first time I brought a bike to Travis I was told that he really liked the gift of beer. He rebuilt my Specialized road bike for me and also worked on converting my old mtn. bike to a single speed.
Today there were some things being said back and forth in some emails and Travis responded with the following...

"Free beer, free beer that's my favorite brand, if I didn't have to buy it, it's the best beer in the land. Warm, flat, funky, it don't matter to me, the greatest beer in this whole land is the one you buy for me."

Word has it that Travis always has a full fridge during the summer. You gotta love it!

1 comment:

Doug said...

My favorite wrench has it all wrong....he gives me free stuff. If he only knew what he was missing out on!