Monday, July 14, 2008


My left knee is not getting better and could prove to be the end of my riding for a while. I'm finally heading to the northwoods tomorrow with the hope of getting some rides in and of course visiting with family.
Repairs to my car are complete, to the tune of $590. Ouch! not to mention a new computer for Patti $$$$, double ouch!

Recent storms brought a lot of much needed rain which of course means....mud. I found some and had fun.
I spent a good deal of time yesterday adjusting the seat position on my bikes to see if that will help. We'll see. For now, ice, ice, ice, Ibuprofen, and work on flexibility. The rest of my time has been spent taking care of things around the house before I leave.

In the mean time, the Amigos are racking up miles on the road and I'm losing my fitness level. This situation basically has me feeling like, well... like shit!


grasshopper said...

if it makes you feel better this amigo has eaten his way through china the past 2 weeks and hasnt touch a bike. Ive been running but well it sucks.
Dont worry we can ride in the back together.

Judi said...

You need some fish oil too. That will help your knee. Hope it's feeling better soon.