Thursday, July 31, 2008


Three nights in a row with very little sleep. Insomnia SUCKS!

I had my evaluation today at the chiropractor. Crystal and John were very thorough in their examination and evaluation of my knee condition. Three things were noted...
1. flexibility needs big time work (quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, etc.)
2. muscle imbalance - my quads (knee extensors) and hamstrings (knee flexors) are out of balance and I need to focus more on my hamstring strength. This condition is causing abnormal stress on my knee, which is leading to the pain and inflamation. At least that is what they are telling me at this point. I also need to focus on my pedal stroke to make sure I'm staying evenly balanced and pulling more on the upstroke.

3. my left side is stronger than my right
4. core, core, core (Core Training)

So, now that I've been up since about 3:30, coffee is brewed, I'm wide awake ready to take Bella out for a morning walk and then head to the club to proceed with my new training regimen.
The exercises consist of backward lunges and backward running on the elliptic trainer. These will activate my hamstring muscles (knee flexors).

Problem with all this is it will take some time. How much? Who knows? I can continue to ride however, at a diminished level. Shorter, less intense rides are good. The longer the ride and more intensity just put more stress on the knee. Chequamegon is September 13 and I will not miss this race. No "F"ing way will I miss it. I don't care if I'm walking up the hills.

Well, birds are singing, Bella is up...time for a walk.


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Vito said...

Yes! That too.

I have a friend who is an awesome triathlete and just became a pilates instructor. Something else for me to look into. I definitely need to mix things up more.

the old bag said...

I was diagnosed with a similar imbalance years ago and took up running...evened things out. I guess at our ages *ouch* cross training makes sense.