Monday, September 8, 2008

Teacher's Desks: A Contrast in Styles

My Colleagues Desk

My Desk
As we were walking out of the classroom this morning, one of my students happened to glance into my colleague's room. "Oh my God Mr. V! How come Mr. H's desk is so messy and yours is so neat?" (Anal Retentive is the answer) Of course I didn't tell her that. A minute later, as she is still in shock and discussing the matter with a friend..."His desk is even more messy than Mr. W's was last year. I LOVE MY JOB! This little innocent comment has set the tone for the rest of my week... I'm all smiles!

Oh, by the way...Kevin's desk is actually looking pretty good. I can still see some brown.


grasshopper said...

looks like your bike....a little spec of dust....

Judi said...

Can you say OCD? I am the same way.