Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Beautiful Autumn Days Continue...

The days of autumn continue to be beautiful. We've had some scattered rain during the week, but temps have stayed somewhat mild. Patti, myself, and Mr. Bill did a 30 miler today, in and around the park systems in the area we live.

One of the area parks we enjoyed was French Regional Park in Plymouth. It lies on the shores of Medicine Lake. It's a beautiful hilly park with great hiking and cross-country ski trails.

Patti really enjoyed the time we spent out on the bikes. It's not often she gets out and rides with me. Maybe I should be spending some money to get her into a better bike.

After our ride was over, it was off to Trader Joes for groceries and then yard work. I no sooner got the lawn mower going and it began to thunder. It poured rain for about 10 minutes, but I was able to get the lawn done.

After that, it was scrubbing the wood floors in our kitchen and dining area. They really needed it bad.

This morning I'm off to school. Yeah! I get to spend a Sunday morning in school preparing for anther unit of inquiry and generally getting organized for the next couple of weeks. The comforting this is...I know I won't be the only one. Our school is full of workaholics.
After that is a stop at REI near our house for the last day of the fall sale then back home to finish some cleaning in the house and cook up a fantastic dinner for this evening.


Doug said...

I used my 20% off one item coupon at that REI earlier this week when I was down there. I was looking at shoes at the Bloomington store. They didn't have the size I needed so they called the Maple Grove store. They had a pair, so we stopped in to pick them up. I was thinking then that I must be close to your neighborhood.

Ali B. said...

It's been beautiful over here in Michigan too. Time to get in those bonus fall rides & rounds of... golf? :) Sincerely, Ali (skipping Sunday at school!)