Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Day of Rest...

Well, not exactly. I did go for an 8 mile run this morning and felt fantastic. Still a bit sore from Saturday's little adventure into the forest, but it went away after the first mile or so.
We received a little dusting of snow overnight and that made the run even more enjoyable. Afterwards I did some cleaning around the house and laundry from the weekend.

For lunch I had a sandwich with ground bologna and pickle spread. Yummy! I have only Dirty Picasso and my sister Gina to blame for this one. My sister stopped at the local grocery up north to purchase some porketta, because the porketta sold at local meet markets here in the Twin Cities is nowhere near as good. My sister purchased two and I got one along with some porketta sausage and sweet Italian sausage. When my sister saw the sandwich spread she got all excited and promised me it was every bit as good as the stuff Mom used to make when we were kids. Well, she was right. Thanks Gina!

These babies have been awesome! They have really done the job keeping my toes toasty warm. At times, almost too warm, if that is possible on a bike in the winter. I'm still considering a winter riding boot, but really do not want to spend the money.

I may consider the the ENOS overboot that Jill in Alaska uses. Warm, water proof, and not $250! That's more than half of what a Surly Cross Check frame would cost me.

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Ali B. said...

Ah-ha! Another ground bologna lover? Hmm... I have some in my fridge at this very moment, thanks Mom - again. :)