Friday, November 7, 2008

Stress Relief

So, people often ask, "How do you teachers relieve some of the stress you experience from working with kids, their parents, administrators, and the political "bs" prevalent in schools today?"
1. Alcohol - by all means not the healthiest way to relieve stress, but it does work briefly on a
Friday afternoon happy hour.
2. Exercise - this is my favorite stress relief...not that I don't mind happy hour.
3. Acting....well, somewhat ridiculous. This often occurs during happy hour, but can also be worked into the school day or during multi-day field trips.

During our recent three day trip with our 5th graders we decided to play dress-up. After all, it was Halloween week. After tucking all the children and their chaperones in bed and waiting til all were asleep, we quietly slipped into the basement lounge of the dorm building for some fun.

This has to be one of my more embarrassing moments. I'm sure our students and their parents will get a chuckle out of these when they see our iMovie presentation at conferences later this month.

I sent some of these pics to my wife at work. Her reply to my email was as follows...

Bill, I totally expected this behavior from you. As for the women, well, we do stuff like this all the time. Now as for Kevin, I'm very worried about him (middle). He just looks creepy, like he has totally lost his mind.


elizabeth said...

This is awesome!

Judi said...

Cute. I agree with you about exercise for stress relief. It's also the fountain of youth!

All The Way Ray said...

I like Kevin's deranged look. If I were a teacher I'd be like Mr Hand in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.