Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Blog's Future, Workouts, and Lance

My Blogs Future:

I'm bored with it!! I'm feeling like my blog has been boring lately. Blah, blah, blah...same old stuff.
So, now I'm not sure how much longer I want to do this. If you have any suggestions (serious ones only Grasshopper & Fair Weather) please post them.


Yesterday was another two hour spin marathon. Hour one consisted primarily of just tempo riding then hour two was 60 straight minutes of climbing. I alternated seated and standing climbs for about 30 minutes of each. Watched the old Lance highlights again. Still the same...he always seems to win. New Year's Day will be the big 2 hour jam session with Jody and Matt. This is always an ass kicker. I'm looking forward to it.

I need to really start getting serious about training and working out. Off season stuff such as strength training and conditioning should have began a month ago. My running has been far too inconsistent.

Grasshopper did point out however that the new schedule for MNSCS has been posted, so this should provide me with some motivation. Time for the amigos to break bread together and start planning.

The Pro Tour and Lance:

I wonder if that will be the case this year. I've kind of divorced myself from the whole professional road racing scene. I just got tired of it...plus I'm not a roadie. I love the trails and the dirt. Plus, you don't hear much about doping and cheating in mtn. biking. This is the one thing that has really turned me off on the pro tour.

So, I'm wondering if Lance will try to continue his winning ways or if he will ride in support of Contador. He certainly seems to have scored a victory with his girlfriend. Child number four is on the way. I believe the later should be the case. Contador has proven himself by winning all three major grand tours. Lance only won one. Of course he did it seven times. The fact that he is doing the Giro d' Italia really excites me because he has never done it before and that was always the big criticism against him... not doing the other tours and never really proving himself in the one day classics.

It could be an interesting year. In all honesty I do think the Giro is a tougher race than the TDF.
Especially the mountain stages. Throw in the fact that it takes place earlier and many of the mountain passes are still covered with snow makes it exciting in my book.


Ali B. said...

hmmm... I think it would fascinating to see the sweat pile under the trainer photos on your blog in 2009. OR, when you shave down your head, you could create designs..perhaps bike parts and we could guess the part you shaved into you head... ? :)

Personally, I like your blog, it makes me feel completely lazy & wimpy for not getting out in the cold to ride!!

grasshopper said...

the question is,
are you tired of blogging? or
are you tired of the topics being told.
Focused topics can help too. for example focus each week on a new segemnt, week 1 target calories for a week. week 2 how quickly does the HR recover in selected peroid of time. week three how many watts of power can be sustained in a time frame. week 4 how many hairs are growing on my head.(gotcha)
Instead of trying to tell all of the ongoings in a paragrah, leave us wanting more. Be the Stephen King of blogs.
Let Patti write about you.
I will be happy to give you some material.
Show more pictures of your bike against a tree!
ok Im done.

Vito said...

Why thanks Matt. I knew I could count on you to come through with some good advice.

Doug said...

I know the feeling of being bored with your own blog. But just for the record, your blog is one of my favorites!

Tex69 said...

I like the tales from the Great North. And I'm a teacher, like you (no, not the little ones but high school), so that angle is interesting too.

Petit Chèvre said...

Don't stop!

I am a MN transplant in FL and your images and the recounts of you rides always get me daydreaming of home again:) Plus it kicks me in the butt to know you train/ride in all conditions. Inspirational and a daily read.

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