Sunday, December 21, 2008

Week in Retrospect - "If you're tasting bile you're probably working a bit too hard.

Today I surprised myself with a 90 minute run in windchills that varied from -36F to -43F. I left the house planning on only doing about thirty minutes because of the cold. However, once I got going I realized that I was feeling great so I just kept on going. The pace was slow, but with extreme conditions like this morning's windchill you can't really expect a blistering pace. Not to mention the layers of clothing. I was amazed how warm I was able to stay. Everything that is accept my ass! After ninety minutes of running I shoveled snow, so I guess I was able to get some lifting in also. First time I can remember actually doing more running outside than biking. Hmmm, this situation will have to change. I really need those studded tires. The number one song from today's workout playlist..."Naked" by the BoDeans.

Saturday was day one of our snow storm. I was planning on driving north to visit friends and family, but the weather changed my plans. Hazardous driving conditions state wide. My day was filled with Patti and I walking Bella, shopping around for studded tires for my mountain bike, Christmas shopping, late lunch and wine at Biaggi's with my sister Gina and wife Patti. Shoveling, shoveling, and more shoveling. Truly experiencing the joys of the holiday season. I hope Travis can order up my Nokian 924 Extremes on Monday.

I should have taken my bike! It would have been a hell of a lot faster.

Friday morning was Matt's spin class. I arrived early as usual and rode for about 30 minutes before class began. Of course as usual it was a hard class, mostly climbing and speed, and it also contained the usual verbal jabs that go along with attending one of Grasshopper's spin classes.
The line for day..."Mel don't worry about your heart rate. If you're tasting bile you're probably working a little too hard." As usual after Matt's class I spent the rest of the day eating everything in sight.

Wednesday was Jody's early morning spin class. I arrived at the club early and got in about 90 minutes of hard riding. Felt like crap afterwards. Jody's classes tend to do that to people especially if you push yourself as hard as she wants you to. The evening consisted of a 45 minute run and some Christmas shopping.

Tuesday evening was another easy run.

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