Saturday, April 11, 2009

Virus=(Mucous+Sore Throat) X Headache

All this means.... no serious riding. It's tough to do when you have no strength and can't breathe very well because you have a steady flow of green snot coming from your sinuses. The past few days have really sucked.I did however, manage to sneak in a ride yesterday. While Patti was away at work I went up to Elm Creek Park and rode some trails there for about an hour. That was about all I could handle. It was fun to get out, but would have been much better had I enough strength to ride harder and go longer. Could barely get up the hills. It amazes how a little bug can have such an impact on a body.I love the new set up on the 29er. She rides like a real dream. I never would have imagined that wheels and a different fork could make such an enormous change in the ride of mountain bike. I feel that it is much more responsive than before and the ride itself is so much smoother. I'm really going to love riding this bike.The wheels I'm running are Salsa Delgado rims with WTB LaserLite hubs and DT Swiss double butted spokes. The rims are actually for cross, but they make for a sweet set up on a 29er. Not to mention the fact that the new set up trimmed nearly 3.5 lbs. from the bike. Now I can hardly wait to get it down to Murphy for some serious single track riding. That will be the true test.

As far as my health goes...I need to dump this virus in a hurry. The guys are hitting the roads today for another 60+ miles. I just don't have it in me and don't think it would be wise to push it too much at this point in time. Yesterday's one hour on the trails left me winded and light headed. Part of my concern is the Minnesota Ironman is only a couple of weeks off and I'm not sure if I will be ready for the 100 miler. Particularly if the boys plan on hammering it out. I've already missed five days which is a pretty serious set back. I may just end up doing one of the shorter courses. We'll just have to wait it out and see what this bug decides to do.

In the mean time I'm reduced to doing menial labor around the house. Yesterday it was vacuuming and cleaning the floors. The exciting part was getting the garage floor hosed down and cleaned. Today...probably dusting, windows, scrub down the deck and patio and wash the car. I would love to start on the lawn, but the back yard is still damp.

The excitement and anticipation that is building is killing me!!

However...tomorrow is Paris-Roubaix. In my opinion the best of the one day classics. Soon after that is Liege-Bastogne-Liege...another great race.

Time for Bella's morning walk....

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Ali B. said...

I do hope you're feeling better soon... it is just NO good to be sick when the weather is finally looking up.