Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cover Boy??

So, I get a text from Grasshopper this evening while I'm trying to get my report cards done. He tells me in his normal smart ass type of banter that I'm on the cover of this months local magazine...on my mountain bike. Of course...I'm thinking he is just full of ...well, I think you know. It's all kind of embarrassing, at the same time kind of cool. I only wish the picture was taken with me on the dirt and not on the paved portion trail. Just doesn't seem right.

Couple of Matt's comments were..."Jeez Bill, you look small on that 29r" and "At first Julie thought it was me, but I'm way more buff than the guy in this picture."

Yup, what are friends for? I wonder if Matt realizes how small he's going to look when he's on the new Selma he is planning on getting. Since, like he himself said once, "Everything in my world is small." He still hasn't heard the end of that comment.

Check out Matt's new ride...


grasshopper said...

ouch! that hurt.
I had more but I was getting tired texting and my cheese whiz was geting warm.

Ali B. said...

hahah... I want to be on a cover!

Anonymous said...

Mike In WI say's

I thought that was you...the bike was the giveaway.