Monday, September 14, 2009

Me and 1,699 of My Best Friends

Photo courtesy of Skinny Ski

Well, the scene is set, the weather is looking good, and I'm getting as excited as I possible could. Saturday's Chequamegon is shaping up to be another exciting event. We have our lodging set. The menu for dinner at the cabin Friday night is sounding absolutely delicious. A good variety of beer should be on hand for post race celebrations, and of course, I'm sure this weekend will come with it's share of surprises. Good luck to all that are participating and just make sure you hold your line through those nerve racking first few miles to Rosie's Field. Ahhh! It's going to be magical!

And to think....that more than a month ago Kenny and I were planning on being somewhat hung over on Saturday morning. After a night of drowning our sorrows from not getting into the race we love. I had a spot picked out on Fire Tower Hill where I would wear a red devil suit and madly shake a cowbell to cheer on my amigos. Instead...Kenny is getting his pre-race massage and I'm just getting really excited.

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