Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tights and Lights

The light system is charged and ready to go. That time of year has arrived...darkness comes early and a chill is in the air and even after dark the trails beckon to be ridden.

Wednesday night I had an awesome ride up in the park. Knowing it would be the last truly nice evening for the next several I made sure to get out. Especially since having to miss the first Tuesday night single track ride.
I rode for a solid two hours and my only companions were the stars, the Moon, Jupiter, and the other creatures of the night. Night riding is intoxicating. I know some of my non-cycling friends and family would say..."You have to be intoxicated to want to go riding through the forest at night." I love it!


Ali B. said...

ooo.. I love it but it is so scary too! I couldn't do one more night lap at the 12 hour due to FEAR! hahah those wiley coyotes are frightening!

Vito said...

I want to try a 12 hr. or 24 hr. race soon. Have to do it before age catches up to me.