Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pugsify Me

Well, I did it! I am getting myself a beautiful, fat, heavy Pugsley and I can hardly wait. This winter should prove to be a fun one. Now, if we could just get some snow.
Much more on Pugsley and the build later. It's cold and wet outside and I'm trying to decide what to wear on my ride this morning. My afternoon will be filled working on report cards and watching college football.


Jeff Moser said...

Congratulations! Should be a blast. I've only had a chance to ride one on a small stretch of technical singletrack, but it was an all new experience for sure. Plush and really floated over stuff.

coastkid said...

always good to read someones pugsley build,look forward to posts pics

Doug said...

Wahoo!!!! You're gonna love it! Rides around Eagle Lake will be a whole new experience.

To help justify the purchase you could sign-up for the Arrowhead Ultra in February. They reopened registration yesterday.

grasshopper said...

congrats buddy! You have wanted one forever!
Have Patti talk with Julie on why I need some new rides.