Monday, November 16, 2009

The Pugsley Build...A New Realm

I've jumped headlong into this Pugsley build and the frustration is mounting before I even start ordering the components I want. The big issue is the wheel build. Large Marge 32 hole offset rims available anywhere. Earliest date so far is Dec. 15, but I'm being told it may even be longer. I've also checked Vicious Cycles for their Graceful Fat Sheba 80 mm offset rims...also unavailable at the current time.

So now I'm starting to look at other components that I need to purchase.
100 mm bb (Surly) or I'm open to other recommendations as I'm not sure what is available.

Surly Mr. Wirly SS crankset: along with a 32t chainring and 30t chainring. These were
recommended by very reputable sources in the world of SS Pugsley and winter riding.

Headset: I love Chris King and Cane Creek 110 headsets, but if it comes down to the $$$ I may
go with one of the cheaper, but still good quality Crank Brothers headsets.

Seatpost and stem: I have Ritchey Pro, but really like the Thompson Elite again...$$$

Handlebars: I have Ritchey Pro risers, but would consider the the Titec H Bar (riser) or the
Titec J Bar (flat). I prefer the riser version.

Avid BB7 mechanical disc breaks along with Avid Speed Dial 7 levers.

WTB Rocket saddle

I haven't decided on pedals as of yet because I am not sure what my footwear choice will be. I'm leaning towards Lake winter mtn. bike boots, but $$ may be a factor. My toes are difficult to keep warm and I hate to spend that kind of money on boots if they will not keep my feet warm.

So, my journey into the realm true "Fat Tire Cycling" officially begins. I know that I will have to exercise patience, keep searching, talking, and asking questions. So now I am off to continue my search for wheels. to bed because I am planning on being out before 4 a.m. so Bella and I can walk and watch the Leonid meteor shower. Perfect night for it.


Chris said...

Make sure you call Greg at Speedway and see if they can do the 70mm rims in offset. I'm pretty sure they can. You can also order the 80mm rims direct from Choppers USA can drill the offset yourself.

(907) 222-1967 for Speedway

coastkid said...

more people seem to be going for the lighter 70mm speedway rims now and they are available offset.look forward to seeing the pug taking shape!

Doug said...

I'm not even sure what BB I have in mine. I think it's a Shimano of some type. It's a square taper. After I built up my Pug in 2006 Phil Wood came out with 100 mm BB. Dave Byers swears by his.

When I bought my Pug frame and rims, I did it in June. Gave me plenty of time if any parts weren't available. Even with everything available, it didn't hit the ground until September.

Ali B. said...

Can't wait to hear more about the build... I happen to really love the look of the cheaper Crank Bro headsets. :)I don't know about MN but over here the weather has been CRAZY mild. One day of small flurries a couple of weeks ago... dry skies and BLUE for days!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you've built most of my Pug! I couldn't get the Mr WHirley at the time, so I got an updated version of the Truvative crankset Doug used, not square taper. And they had a 100mm BB for it, too. Would like to hear how you like the Whirley!!