Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Leadville 100

"Merry Christmas!" Race registration is officially open! I am now, more than ever before starting to question my sanity. Also, I am having some difficulty imagining the commitment this thing is going to take. At almost fifty-two years of age maybe I truly have lost my mind....100 miles, almost all above 10,000 ft, 14,000 ft. of elevation change, in 12 hours or less...Yikes! It is said that Leadville is "life altering experience." Well, if I'm lucky enough or unlucky enough to get in I'll let you know.

One thing I do know is that I'm not waiting until February to start training for this beast. Whether I'm in or not I feel that I should start ASAP. So, if you have any recommendations other than making an appointment with a psychologist, let me know. I would love to hear from some experts.


Joboo said...

Go Get em Vito, more power to ya!!!
I've watched this race over the years, and thought about doing It often, but life kept getting the way.
If you end up taking the leap, I'm sure you'll represent the great state of Mn. wonderfully!! What an awesome goal!!!!
Good luck!!


SMB tech geeks said...

Wow, that's some challenge! Good luck with that - think positive & don't sweat the small stuff ;0)

Chris said...

For most people I'd leave plenty of interval/hill work sessions on the calendar and get out for long rides only once and a while when they're fun. No need to slog out 6 hour days right now for Leadville unless you *want* to. If you enjoy the long rides and can fit them in easily, a couple a month will certainly not hurt. The power you can sustain for 12 hours is directly linked to the power you can make for 1 hour. Leadville is not about long slow distance riding. If you can ride for 6, you can ride for 12 provided the mind is strong and the food/water is adequate.

When time is short, focus on quality. You'll need surprisingly little time int he summer to whip yourself into long distance shape provided you're fit, fast and fresh. Don't think you have to be doing 10 hour rides all winter to finish Leadville.

Also if you're looking for a training plan, LyndaW's plans would be perfect for leadville prep. You'd probably end up needing two plans to get from now until then but she knows her stuff and will give you an awesome schedule to follow.

The Old Bag said...


Kenny said...

I've always questioned you sanity.