Monday, December 7, 2009


More parts arrived in the mail today. Still waiting for rims and the front hub.

I ordered some little extras from Salsa Cycles. The red accents which include the Salsa seatpost clamp, skewers, and Crank Brothers headset will look pretty sharp when the build is complete. The endomorph tires are laughably monstrous compared to the the tires of my 26" mountain bike and my road bike. I'm essentially building another 29er.
I can hardly wait until it is completed so I can get a photo of along side my other bikes. My guess is that they will look like little kid's toys next to it.
SNOW STORM TOMORROW !!!!!! Finally :)


Doug said...

Funny! Every new Pugsley owner has to do the side by side tire shot. I did it. You've seen it a hundred times in pictures, but until you see in person, it's really quite a jaw dropper.

coastkid said...

mind and take the "hand round tyre" picture too when your wheels are ready!,some nice pug bling there..

Anonymous said...

Mike Said...

SNOW...I will be riding the Hartje Nature Center trails tonight into the early AM hours...good times.

WheelDancer said...

I have Pug envy. I just picked up some Nokian 294 Extreme studded tires for my mountain bike but know they will still pale compared to the Endomorphs. They will get me out in more conditions than my commuter tires did last winter.

Lookin' forward to seeing the complete build!

Joboo said...

Go Pug Go!!!


Vito said...

I love my Nokian Extremes. I'll be putting them on my old Hardrock tomorrow.

Joboo said...

Behind Bars has 1 LM rim left from the last order. 1 would be better than none?
They are closed til Tuesday.