Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Time to Reflect and A Time to Plan

Wow! I can't believe that time of year is upon us already. Time to reflect back on the previous year and look forward to and make plans for the coming year. As I look back on 2009 I can only say that it was quite a ride, both good and bad. Time to wipe the slate clean and start anew, let some of the bad things go, hang on to those which brought me a sense of peace and satisfaction.

In many ways 2009 was a fantastic year, but not without a few bumps in the road. The family had two very serious illnesses to deal with and today both my brother and father are recovered or recovering very nicely. We're delighted to have my folks staying with us for the "New Year."
This past year provided me with a good deal of fun on the bike and I believe that I have found my niche. I am definitely a mountain biker and now look at the road bike as a necessary evil to get miles on the legs. Actually, I do still like riding the road bike, but if given the opportunity I will always choose the mountain bike over the road bike.

Some of the highlights from the past year....

Winter riding on the North Shore of Lake Superior.The beauty of Elm Creek Park.
Quality time with my beautiful wife.
I also discovered that sometimes fun can really hurt.
Gravel grinding on the forest roads and trails of northern Minnesota.

Ore to Shore in Marquette, MI was a great confidence booster
The Chequamegon scam... Grasshopper discovers that "The Cook" and "Vito" were in all along.
Thanks Matt, Bob, and Kenny for your friendship and a great year. Also, Matt and Bob for the cold beer :)
40 miles of dirt and dust and...
"29 and Single" and 30 minutes off of my previous fastest time.Winter trail running

2009 provided me with a lot of fond memories and a good deal of fun. I met some remarkable people along the way and have developed some new friendships. I've gained some confidence in my riding ability and a willingness to push myself harder.

2010 is a year with many possibilities. Among them are...

The new Pugsley and some winter riding challenges (embrace the COLD!)
More solo endurance rides in northern Minnesota
Leadville 100 and the commitment that goes with it (providing I win the lottery and get in)
A 12 hour or 24 hour race
Ore to Shore (if I don't get into Leadville)
"Go West Young Man, Go West"
Running & Hiking...It's something that Patti and I can do together and I want to maintain some balance with my activities (It can't be all about the bike or I'll get bored)


coastkid said...

happy new year bill...
enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to this years writings!

grasshopper said...

nice job Vito. 2010 will bring many more miles and many more beers and many more laughs!

baz said...

Great blog and pics, you guys have a beautiful country