Sunday, January 3, 2010

Degrees of Fat

There are several different types of fat in the world of mountain bikes/snow bikes.
First of all there is the normal fat or your standard mountain bike...
Standard Fat - which would be your normal run of the mill mountain bike fat.

Then of course there is the original out the ordinary fat...
Super Fat - or the original Surly Large Marge fat (65mm).

This of course leads us to my rim of choice for
OMG! Fat - or the Vicious Cycles Graceful Fat Sheba fat (80mm). Picture here next to Standard Fat.

Finally this brings us to something that is totally out of the realm of most people's imaginations...
Freaky Fat! Sick Fat! or Uber Fat - 100mm of snow bike fat. These rims need a really good cardiologist.

Photo Courtesy of Chris P. (Thanks Chris)

It's now time for me to eat that last piece of key lime pie that is left from the holidays.


Joboo said...

Sick kid is taking a rest on the couch, so I get to comment on your post.
Gotta say I thought the LM's were huge!!
They are, but your 80's are off the charts, How much clearence you gonna have with them?? You lacing them up yourself?? From the picture it looks like they aren't laced, am I missing it?
And.......... then the 100's...... What can ya say??!!! Isn't that a motor bike wheel-set????!! LOL

gotta say I'm getting kind of depressed at how my Pug build is going! If I knew it was gonna take this long I'd have started it in July!!! After I got the LM's I thought the thing would fly together, but the parts just keep coming very slowly. I guess other just don't get that itch I just have to scratch!!!!! Oh well it sure will be worth it when it's done!!!! Oh boy..... The 3 yr old sick tornado is up, and she is not happy that I'm with her!!! LOL


Kenny said...

Who has key lime pie this time of the year?

Vito said...

Same people who have meatloaf on New Year's Eve :)

coastkid said...

no-one had seen a pug with LM rims here till i got the parts orderd in to my local bike shop..only the staff and me saw them until built...when i saw the bike finished it blew me away!,imagine 100s! took an hour to get from the shop to tying the pug on the car to leave! (was at glentress trailcentre-the UKs premier centre) i returned with it on a satuarday once..the car park activity just stopped..jaws open...haha fattys rule!

Doug said...

My Large Marge's look huge to me. People don't realize how large they are until they see them in person. Non-bikers notice them as much as bikers do. So I can't even imagine what 80mm or 100mm wide rims look like.
Can't wait to see the final build.

Vito said...

The size is ridiculously large. Even my 85 year old father said..."Bill, I hope you have the legs to move that thing."

Another friend of mine made the comment..."I guess size does matter."

I can hardly wait. I'm trying to be as patient as possible.