Saturday, March 13, 2010

First Road Ride

A roadie I am not, but today's first road ride of the season turned out to be a satisfying one. I really had to coax myself onto the bike this morning. The weather was cool and damp with a north wind. When I left the house the temperature was 37.6 F with a windchill of 31 F. It's seems much easier to me to dress for a snowy ride on the Pugsley then a road ride.
My route took me south and west of The Grove to Medina, Baker Park, Lake Independence, Maple Plane, a little loop of Hwy 6 going toward Watertown, then back east to Plymouth, and northwest again to Maple Grove. Forty-seven miles in total. I judged my fitness level to be much ahead at this point in time last year. I attribute that to pushing the single speed Pugsley down snowy roads and trails this past winter. That I will miss immensely.
The entire time I was out I thought of my plans for the upcoming summer and these plans do not include a good amount of road riding, but mostly time on the mountain bike riding gravel and other trails. I have a tendency to look at the roads as a necessary evil.

It was odd riding skinny tires at 120 psi and I truly missed the snow, hated the traffic, and my back ached when I was finished. However, I was pleased to be out riding none the less. The rollers around Baker and Lake Indy along with the pace left my legs feeling delightfully tired and my stomach empty. Looking forward to more of the same leading up to summer. Now, I have to fill my stomach and make plans to get out on the 29er really soon.


Joboo said...

A roadie I am not.

there ya go swearing at yourself again Bill!!! ;)

Peace, Joe

Kenny said...

A necessary evil????
Beely, you are a bad boy!!!

Ali B. said...

Yesterday was my first date with the road on my cx bike... well, 2010 date. It was lovely, chilly, & WINDY! arghhh... I LOVE ...hate the road. :)