Saturday, April 24, 2010

Phenomenal Day

Today was a phenomenal day of riding. I waited for the morning storms to pass and when I hit the trail it was lightly. About fifteen miles of trail riding brought me to what I was looking for.
The forest is greening up nicely and I literally only ran into three vehicles on the gravel roads in and around the Independence and Minnestrista areas.
As my ride progressed the weather continued to improve and I actually did see the sun for some very brief moments.
I'm becoming more and more familiar with the roads and will look forward to riding them more this summer. However, my plan is to still head north and seek some new adventures on the endless gravel roads.
There were many sites along the way that reminded me of northern Minnesota. It's hard to believe that much of this is less than thirty minutes from the Minneapolis metro area.
Once on the gravel there were hills a plenty to test the legs. However, riding the single speed definitely makes it much more challenging. It was along this stretch that I was wishing I had a geared ride. The bike that came to mind was the Salsa Fargo. From what I've read so far, the Fargo is the ultimate gravel touring bike. Dream, dream, dream....
After four hours of riding it was time to head home.


Apertome said...

Stunning! Looks like some really fun riding. Funny that you rode a bunch of trails to get to the gravel, a lot of times in my experience it's the other way around!

GNAT said...

Nice Ride man. Yes, you should keep shooting...And riding. Can't wait to see more of your stuff.

Pete said...

I like that pic with your bike and pack in the foreground... and I REALLY like the black and white version that you have as your header! Great shot.

Vito said...

Thanks Pete! Much appreciated. The B & W did come out rather nice.