Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer is Just Fine

I'm finishing up a very busy week of traveling back and forth to northern Minnesota, helping my folks out around their house, getting in some awesome bike rides through the northern forests, and now a weekend full of attending graduation and birthday celebrations. Hopefully my Monday will be spent catching up on my own yard work. That is if this rain we have been having ever stops.
I mentioned earlier that I had been feeling somewhat under the weather. I've had what amounts to a steady nagging headache for nearly two weeks now. I've slept very poorly for about the last two months, and found out at my last doctors appointment that my family genes are haunting me again. High blood pressure. High enough to be treated with medication and monitored daily.

Other than that I really don't have anything profound to say or write about. I apologize for all the photos, but I'll just let the photos do the talking and I won't bore you with any unnecessary and mundane details. The riding was absolutely fantastic, other than the fact that I was tired much of the time and never really pushed it. Nice, easy, relaxing miles with a good deal of beautiful scenery. I was also fortunate enough to dodge the weather bullet. Enjoy...

Tuesday evening...31 miles

Wednesday...39 miles

You're never totally alone when in the woods.

Thursday...54 miles

Recovery can be sweat...The pizza I had that evening was phenomenal. Every last piece of it!!


Doug said...

Love the pictures!!

I, too, have some bad family genes. I've been on meds for high blood pressure since 2006.
Even with all the exercise I get and the healthy diet, it isn't enough to overcome my family history.

FTMN said...

Great pics! It looks like you went on some nice rides. Is the 29nsngl can coozie one of the magnetic ones? Do you ride with those guys?

Vito said...

Happy you guys liked the photos.

Doug, Family history is much more difficult to overcome than I thought.
I've never had difficulties until getting....older!! It sucks.

FTMN...I have a friend that rides with the 29nsngl group so I pick stuff up whenever I can. I would love to hook with them sometime and ride. Sounds like a fun group.

Apertome said...

Wow, that's a whole lot of great riding! I'm jealous ...

Kenny said...

Great pictures! Makes me want to go up North and ride those roads with you.