Monday, August 23, 2010

The Arch is Gone!!

Palisade Head Shrouded in Fog

Throughout the year Patti and I generally try to take several trips up to the North Shore of Lake Superior. I consider this to be one my favorite places to be and one of the most beautiful places around. We generally stop, either on the way up or on our way back down, at Tettegouche State Park which lies along the shore and of course is associated with a river as many of the parks along the shore are. It is at this park that the Baptism River flows into Lake Superior.
The park and nearby areas are host to several different land formations such as Shovel Point and nearby Palisade Head. Another formation was found on a sliver of rock that jutted out into the lake between the mouth of the Baptism River and Shovel point. This tiny peninsula of rock had an arch at the end that many people loved to photograph. Often times time with Shovel point in the background. The photo above shows the rock peninsula, but Shovel point is not visible because it is obscured by fog. What is unusual about this photo is the arch is gone and all that remains is the peninsula itself and a sea shaft.We arrived here at about 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon and I took these pictures and noted that something was different. Apparently sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning the arch connecting the two collapsed into the water below. No one had noticed because the area had been covered with heavy fog all morning. The collapse wasn't even noticed by the park department until early Sunday morning. So, I guess I was probably able to capture some of the first photos of the North Shore's newest land formation. Kind of cool. I may stop at the park headquarters on our way home to show them the photos.

Note: I have many pre-collapse photos at home and will update this post when I get a chance. I didn't want to borrow a photo from the web as I prefer to use my own.

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