Sunday, August 15, 2010

Through the Lens: Riding the Storms Out

For the past several weeks the weather hear in Minnesota has been rather interesting. Very hot with temperatures in the 90's nearly everyday for past two weeks. Worse than the heat and what really made it uncomfortable were the dew points. Dew points here in the southern part of the state and the metro area have hovered in the 70's (F) for nearly two weeks.

The rain has made riding single track very sketchy. Most of the time the local trails have been too wet to ride. We did luck out a couple of times and got some decent rides in. Some trails, fortunately, have better drainage than others, but when you get 5-6 + inches of rain in several days nothing is rideable without doing damage to the trail.
Over the course of the past week I took a series of photos of various storms that came through the area. Our neighbors have had trees blown down, sheds blown apart. Our own storage shed had the doors blown off. It has been quite a wild ride. This morning...The temperature was 63 (F) and the dew point was down to 53 (F) nearly 20 (F) lower than it has been for two weeks. It feels absolutely wonderful. Another note...all the photos were taken right from our deck.

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Boz said...

Great shots. Keep em' coming.