Friday, October 29, 2010

Got em!

and what a bargain they were!

After spying these Lake MXZ302 Winter MTB Shoes on the Performance Bike website two evenings ago and receiving an email from Joe in Hibbing, I couldn't pass them up. The price was an absolute steal...$149.99! Now, I'll be able to ride those clipless pedals just a little bit longer.


Doug said...

Oh man!!! Thanks for the tip Bill. I've never paid full price for Lake Boots, but I have always bought on clearance during the summer. I think this is the lowest price you'll ever see this time of year (or any time of the year).

I already have a pair....and I couldn't pass up this price!!! I was having doubts my current pair would make it all the way through another 6 months of winter riding. (I wear mine from November until mid-April) The Velcro closure on the cuff is wearing out after 4 winters. Other than that they are still going strong. At that price it doesn't hurt to have a brand new back-up pair.

Bill G said...

Thank you for the tip!!!!

I found an online discount code also and saved 15% more!

I went 2 sizes larger so I can get a heavier sock in there for deep winter riding!!

These seem a lot simpler than my winter booty that I struggle with all the time to get on and off!

Bill G said...

Vito - these boots are the bomb. Thanks again. My toes have been warm since I got them last week!

Now to check the Sorel link out for a deep winter boot - you are going to get me in trouble!

Vito said...

Bill...I know what you mean by "getting into trouble". My wife has a very keen eye and I'm always hearing..."Hey, where did these or this come from and how much did you spend on it?"