Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back in the Park

I finally made it back up to the park today after two weeks of thaw, freeze, and a road trip up north last weekend which yielded no biking at all due to horribly icy conditions. I've been fortunate enough however to get a few runs in during the interim.
It felt great to get out on the trails again and thankfully the 13" of snow we had at the beginning of the week made the trail conditions good for riding. I was amazed at how quiet the trails were this morning, but things picked up as the day went on.
It was snowing and about -5(F) -20(C) when I arrived at the trailhead parking lot. To my amazement the trails were not as firm as I had thought they would be, but they were firm enough to offer some great riding.
Three hours of riding left me a bit frosty, but feeling good. I did have some issues with some cramping near the end of hour two. Not sure what the deal was, but I'm assuming it was some minor dehydration. I just don't take in enough fluids in the winter.

I'll be heading out again early tomorrow morning. The trail groomer was out on the trails towards the end of the ride and it is supposed to dip down to -5(F) again tonight. So, I'm assuming the riding conditions in the morning should be perfect.
Upon returning home it was only appropriate for this Iron Ranger to have a cold Ranger India Pale Ale and warm-up in front of the fireplace. I'm really going to miss snowbiking once all this white stuff is gone. Thank God for gravel and dirt which will get me through until the snow flies again in the autumn.


Doug said...

Jealous I am!

While the Twin Cities received 13 inches, we got about 1/8" out of that storm here in Duluth. I'm afraid the snowbiking season is over unless March turns into a snowy month.

Yeti said...

Nice effect with the except for one black and white pictures.