Monday, February 28, 2011

Gear I Like: Bike Bags

It appears that as of late I haven't had much in way of cycling to blog about. My time has been spent either working on grades and report cards or traveling north to visit my father who has been ill since Christmas. My last day on the bike was a week ago tomorrow. I have attended several spin classes and squeezed in a run or two, but other than that, no trail time. Trips up north have been bike free because of having to spend time at the hospital. My father suffered another set back a week ago with a mild heart attack. He is still in the hospital because his kidney function is also not normal. It's tough getting old.

With that I felt I would do another gear post. Bike bags...How exciting!

This winter I've trying out bike bags made by Eric Parsons and his company Revelate Designs, which is located in Anchorage, Alaska. The bags are nothing short of phenomenal. Pictured above is the "gas tank" which is designed for carrying extra nutrition and whatever else you can fit in it. It has served as a camera bag and I also use it to store the battery for my NiteRider headlamp.
The frame bag is one of the best pieces of gear I've ever purchased for a bike. The bag is custom made to fit perfectly in the frame triangle and fit is very precise. The bag has two zippered compartments which are divided horizontally. The top compartment also has several interior mesh compartments for small items. It also has a zippered map pocket on the side not visible.
It has been great for carrying extra food, water, tools, clothing, and whatever else one can stuff inside. It's even carried a small thermos on several occasions. The craftsmanship is excellent and these bags are bombproof. I would love to order another frame bag for my 29er.

I have another frame bag that saw a lot of use last fall on my 29er and also during the early winter on the Pugsley. It's a Revelate Designs Tangle bag. The beauty of this bag is it will fit a variety of bike frames which makes it multi-functional. It was great to have on the 29er for those long gravel grinders in northern Minnesota.

Finally, the fourth bag of the collection is the Revelate Designs seat bag. Hey! You need a seat bag like this for a Pugsley. Especially if you want to haul a spare tube and some extra clothing for those day long winter rides and overnighters. This bag saw some good use before the full frame bag came in the mail and will see more use this summer up north. Like all the other bags made by Eric this too is top quality and very well designed.

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karen said...

i agree, Eric makes some killer bags! I have the frame bag, seat bag, fuel tank and the bivy burrito. I'm planning to order a tangle bag soon.