Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finally...A Perfect Weekend for Riding!

Horse Country by Vito1958

We have finally received a reprieve from weekend rain, high winds, and no sunshine. Saturday found me on my road bike cranking out some good miles in phenomenal conditions. I ended the day with a nice even 100 km. The almost perfect metric century.

After an afternoon filled with yardwork, Patti and I joined some friends for dinner at La Grolla in St. Paul. Good company, great food, and fantastic atmosphere.

Today found me out on the road once again. My legs were feeling pretty good, but I decided that this would be a leisurely ride and never really pushed the pace. I just rode and enjoyed the countryside and the sunshine.

There were many horses out in the pastures today which always adds to the scenery. Traffic was also relatively quiet, which is always nice.

If you west and south of the Twin Cities there is plenty of rolling terrain to keep you happy and honest.

It always amazes me how fast the countryside greens up and things start to grow like made. This is especially true once the nights warm up to a comfortable temperature for the plants to grow.

I ended the day today with another 58 miles. I should have gone the extra six to make it another metric hundo, but my legs were ready for a break and I've been spending the afternoon on the patio grading final projects and working on report cards.

On another note...I've been informed that I've reached my limit for photos on this blog. At this point I'm not sure what my next move will be. Any advice from experts out there would be greatly appreciated.

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Doug said...

Nice pictures as always.

I hit my limit earlier in the year. I started a flickr account on one of my reader's advise. Once you've uploaded the pics to flickr it's really easy to cut and paste the code into your blog post.