Thursday, August 25, 2011

That's A Very Nice Rack!! Update...

Well, I sent an email to Freeload about their product, which I think is very good, and today I got a reply from the company. Apparently the rack on the Pugs in the photo is a prototype. They are bringing the prototype to Interbike which takes place in several weeks and are going to meet with the folks from Surly. Tim said he would love to have a product on the market very soon. He asked if I would prefer a product without a deck, but with a threaded design so folks could install their own, or sell it with a plywood deck optional. For me it's more of an asthetic thing, but I don't want a rack with a plywood deck. I really like the functionality and the flexibility of the product they have right now. So I would prefer the deck to be a removable synthetic material. Something that doesn't require tools. I lose tools:(

So, depending on what happens I may just go with the OMM Cold Spring rack for the front of the Pugs and maybe down the road get a Freeload to move between the two other mountain bikes I currently have. I'm not interested in carrying panniers if I do an S24O or longer as it would be an ultra-light affair. My mind is spinning with ideas:)

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