Friday, September 16, 2011



by: Kenny Schik

(My mountain biking compadre)

Another summer come and gone, that means it's time for Chequamegon!

Legs,mind,and heart are ready to go, the first 18 miles to double O,

Pave, grass, dirt and sand, all combine to make the ride grand.

Fire Tower hill at 30 miles or so, pushing, not pedaling makes it slow,

And after that comes the test, will your ride suck or be your best?

10 more miles of rolling hill, you soon realize this race is no thrill,

The legs are starting to tire, suck down the gels to fuel the fire.

The mile markers count down and you feel the adrenalin coming around,

The 2 mile marker causes me to grin, I'm going to finsh, for me this is a win.

Down the last hill, make the left turn, give all you got feel the legs burn.

Friends are shouting and I start to smile, they're waiting for me and its been a while!

They hand you a beer and give you a hug, no one cares if you rode like a slug,

To finish is the goal, we'll do it again, but for now, I don't want this day to end.

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