Thursday, September 29, 2011

The "Nocturnal" Time of Year

Autumn is upon us and we are now entering that time of year my friends and I lovingly refer to as "Lights and Tights" season. With the short daylight hours and the cool autumn nights it is time to get the light systems charged and the cool weather riding gear out.

I ventured up to Elm Creek this past Wednesday evening for some solo riding and was planning on staying out until well after dark. With the temps hovering around 80 (F) it was nice to not have to wear any tights and just go with the usual cycling attire.
The colors haven't peaked as of yet, but they will be very soon and before you know it we have snow flakes flying. Riding Elm Creek at night brings on a whole new dimension to cycling. Traveling through the forest by bike with lights brings about a surrealistic feeling.

Throw in the horse trails along with the single track and there isn't anywhere you can't go in the park during the night time hours. It's absolutely awesome.

To encourage more locals to use the park in the autumn, Three Rivers Park District is turning on the lights on sections of xc ski trails. This adds yet another dimension to the night time rides. Trail runners and hikers have also taken advantage of the lighted portion of trails.

Another thing I'm looking forward to is getting in some night time gravel on the forest roads of northern Minnesota.

So, charge up those lights, get out your tights, and hit the trails. This is truly the nocturnal time of year.


coastkid said...

Autumn is a wlome season in scotland aswell for ofroad cycling, nightriding begins again for lots of local groups of riders,
great fun!

Boz said...

I love night riding. Seems almost other worldly and the trails (and roads) take on a whole new dimension. Or, in my case, dementia!