Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Growing Fat Bike Craze

There is an amazing phenomenon going on in the Twin Cities area...It's called "Fat Bike Mania". A couple of years ago my Pugsley and other fat bikes were somewhat of an anomaly, something that deviated from what would be considered normal. As of late, the Pugsley is just one of many fat bikes out on the trails here in the Minneapolis-St.Paul metro area. They have now become the craze with many local cyclists, most of which are mountain bikers and they are not just made for snow.

I don't think there is a single local bike shop that is not trying to get the Surly Pugsley and Salsa Mukluk on floor. Add to that the number of shops that are selling Fatback and 9 zero 7s and you have what amounts to a booming fat bike movement in the local cycling community.

The number of websites, blogs, and cycling retailers promoting "Snow Bikes" is growing weekly. Although it is still somewhat of a "niche" community I feel that it is rapidly growing into something closer to mainstream. Components manufacturers and designers continue to come up with new and improved fat bike specific components and accessories.

Folks are talking grooming single track for winter riding and some of the local guys made their own groomer a couple of years ago to ride the trails with their standard mountain bikes. It's been fun and exciting to watch fat bikes take off. I think it is going to be one fun winter season.


Yeti said...

Is it a global phenomenon? The number is growing rapidly in Finland as well.

coastkid said...

The MTBR Fat Bike Forum now seems to have more threads started daily than the MTBR Surly Forum!, a lot more interest here in the UK now too!

Jeff Moser said...

How does one groom the trail?