Saturday, October 22, 2011

The North Shore in Photos (Revised)

What an amazing little trip this has been. Fifty three miles on the Pugsley yesterday, hiking with Patti and Bella today, nothing but perfect weather, and hundreds of photos to go through and edit. I'm feeling like a very rich man right now. Hope you enjoy the photos of our sojourn to the northwoods.

Holly Lake

If you look closely at the photo of Holly Lake you will see a thin film of ice on the surface. Thursday night was rather cold and many of the small lakes and ponds had ice forming on the them. If you're wondering where Holly Lake's near Mistletoe Creek. Seriously:)

North on the Caribou Trail

I rode north off The Grade toward Brule Lake and the southern boundary of the BWCA.

Cascade Lake

From the Eagle Mountain trailhead I rode south on Bally Creek trail to Cook County 57. Bally Creek Trail is a blast to ride in a southerly direction. It's a twisty, turny, roller coaster ride.

Bally Creek Trail

Heading north, this road will present a very nice challenge next year when I do my lowest to highest ride and run.

For the lowest to highest challenge you start at the US Coast Guard Station in Grand Marais (lowest point in Minnesota). From there it is a twenty mile uphill haul to Eagle Mountain trailhead. There, you dismount the bike, slap on trail running shoes and run the rocky trail to the top of Eagle Mountain (highest point in Minnesota) and back. It's only a seven mile round trip run, but the trail is very rocky and rather steep in some sections. Upon returning to the trailhead you remount your bike for the ride back to Grand Marais and the U.S. Coast Guard Station.
All in all it could amount to a challenging but fun day.

Cook County 57 towards Devil's Track Lake

A campsite overlooking Devil's Track Lake.

Saturday afternoon we spent several hours hiking the trails along the the Devil's Track River. This had to be one of the most enjoyable hikes my wife and have done in quite some time. The weather was absolutely perfect and the trail was rather quiet for a busy weekend on the shore.

Devil's Track River Gorge

Devil's Track River

Autumn Gold

The Angry Trout Cafe's Smoked Lake Trout with Spinach Fettuccine

We enjoyed great food at the Angry Trout Cafe, not be confused with the Angry Catfish bike shop. We also enjoyed the organic menu at the Gunflint Tavern which my wife and I would both agree is our favorite place in Grand Marais. The Tavern also had live music every night

"Bellaruse"@ The Gunflint Tavern

Grand Marais Sunset

Lake Superior Inukshuks

I've never been disappointed with a trip up the North Shore of Lake Superior. The lake, to me, can be rather mesmerizing and you can never run out of things to do. This trip was no different. From good food and music, to art, to hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, snow biking, skiing, dog mushing etc. the shore has a great deal to offer. To top it off, you may even have that occasional rare day when you do absolutely nothing but relax with a good book.

I'm looking forward to what this winter will bring.


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