Sunday, October 16, 2011

Salsa Mukluk 2

Photo by: Ben of Milltown Cycles

Although I love my Pugsley I must admit that the Mukluk 2 is one sweet looking bike and one heck of a good buy. I would love to have one. Ben from Milltown Cycles did a write up on the Mukluk 2 on the shop's blog.


The Old Bag said...

Love the stealth black with red accents!

Joboo said...

I have to Bill and OB....... the black with red is stunning!!
Ben's shop is the hub of Fat Biking in the state!!
Looking forward to a road trip soon to check it out!
Too bad the Mukluk's are so hot right now; I can't even preorder two XS's for next august!!
I guess for Salsa, that's not a bad thing!!
On to plan "B"........ a 16" Pugs, and an XS 9:zero:7.


Vito said...

Joe ~ Try talking to the folks at the Angry Catfish. I know that they also move a lot of Salsa products and they may possibly be able to help you out.

Joboo said...

Thanks for the info Bill!!
We went with a XS 9:zero:7 for our youngest, color undetermined............ And a 16" Black Ops Pugsley for the 8 year old!! At least our LBS will get some business over the "dark" months!!
Hope you two are enjoying the N.S.!!!!