Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Good Day to Ride

It was a good day to ride. The horse trails were great and still had some remnants of the New Year's Eve snow fall. The single track was another story...I bailed after about 20 minutes due to the icy conditions and lack of bite with the Endomorphs. Cornering was really dicy so I opted to stick to the horse trails. I'm feeling as if I really need a ride through the Northwoods. At the same time my mind is trying to convince that real winter will come. After all, we are, officially, only two weeks into winter.

On another note...My back continues to show improvement and I think I'll be able to start running within the next week. However, there are still some nerve issues going on which is affecting my right buttocks and leg. It feels fine while I'm riding, but is real troublesome at night and is causing me to lose sleep due to the discomfort. "Core and Flexibility, Core and Flexibility" continue to be my mantra.

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