Saturday, February 25, 2012

Triple F

Several days ago nobody knew whether this race was going to take place at Elm Creek or not. Three days ago the trail was closed due to the freeze thaw cycle causing some issues with the trail and there was concern that they would have to change venues. However, Mother Nature brought the snow, the weather cooled, and the Fatbike Frozen Forty was on. What a day it was! Around 50 riders came out for the fun and the major sponsors were very accommodating. There was fire to keep you warm, food to fill your gas tank, Surly beer, and cool fatbikes of all kinds.

With the recent explosion of fatbiking, I'm imagining that this thing is going to be much bigger next year. It was a good deal of fun to be a photographer for the day, but it sure would have been nice to ride.

Dave had a great race finishing in second place.

C.J. getting some air. He also went to do an addition lap for a total of 50 miles and was able to collect a little swag.

The day could not have been better!

The highlight of the event for me was meeting and chatting with this man. Mr. Erwin Berglund, 69 years young!! The oldest finisher ever of the Arrowhead 135 and a past participant in the Sustina 100 in Alaska.

Erwin loved the course and was all smiles during the race. He did comment afterward about how the trees just seemed to move right in front of you.

Two Legends...Hemi and Neil

The Black Sheep Stellar was one of my favorite bikes of the day. It was a work of art and a mix of classis style and new innovations. Hey...It even came with a twelve pack!

Twenty2 Cycles was one of the major sponsors and they had several demo bikes on hand for people to check out. I actually love the hot pink:)

45NRTH had a strong presence at the event. Many of the participants had their new Hüsker Dü tyres mounted on their steeds.

There was a good deal of conversation going on and you can pretty much guess what it was all about. This was most definitely a fatbike gathering.

I'm guessing that many are already anticipating next year's event and what it will bring. I know I'm looking forward to it. Right now though, I'm hoping for more snow and looking forward to tomorrow morning's ride.


Ben Welnak said...

Fantastic pictures Bill. Nice to meet you out there.

Doug said...

Yeah, wonderful shooting Bill. You should volunteer as official event photographer.

nerdman said...

Great pics! Legends! I like that!!

rlove2bike said...

Excellent write-up!

Thanks for the post!!